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Bipasha Basu and Karan Singh Grover are the happiest these days. After all, the couple is expecting their first child together. A few days after a traditional intimate function at home (baby shower), the parents-to-be organised yet another baby shower ceremony just for their friends and family. Bipasha graced the occasion in a gorgeous pastel pink gown and Karan looked dapper in a stunning blue suit. And, we have the inside pictures from the baby shower party. Courtesy: Bipasha, of course! After going through all the pictures what looked like the showstopper of the occasion was a beautiful massive two-tier pink-hued cake. The dessert featured pretty floral details. We could also spot some colourful edible balls in white, pink, and lilac shades, stuck around the cake elevating its overall look.          

Take a look:

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Now, did Bipasha Basu‘s Instagram Stories remind you of the goodness of desserts? If yes, then do check this out. We have mentioned about five yummy cake recipes for you.

Here’re 5 Delicious Cake Recipes For You:

Moist chocolate cake

Who doesn’t like to dive into a rich chocolate cake? This drool-worthy dessert is moist, chocolate-y and all things delicious. It just takes about an hour to get this cake ready. And trust us, once you start eating this, there’s no going back!

Banana cake

If you don’t like chocolates, fret not. We have some arrangements for that as well. This super enticing banana cake is a must-try. You can enjoy a slice of it after meals and even pair it up with your evening cuppa. This is good and absolutely indulgent.    

Pumpkin oats cake

You may not have heard of a cake packed with health benefits. Well, this sumptuous dessert is here to amaze you fully. Pumpkin oats cake is for all those who are conscious of their food choices and prefer healthy eating. Nothing much, it just makes for a perfect way to satiate your hunger pangs in the healthiest way possible.

Eggless atta cake

Yes, we do have some eggless options too. This atta cake is soft, fluffy, mouth-watering and equally satiating as well. Also, the usage of raisins, walnuts and jaggery makes it all the more interesting. You just need to take out about half an hour to make this cake at home.  

Eggless vanilla cake

There are some people who don’t like cream or any extra elaborate topping on cakes. Instead, all they want is a simple cake with a nice taste. So, if you have someone at home who is this picky about cakes, take help from this recipe. It doesn’t have any extra cream or flavours except vanilla extract.    

Of all the mentioned above, which cake do you think, will appeal to your taste-buds?

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