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Pujo and fashion are almost synonymous, it is that one time of the year when we set aside all our differences and come together as one, wearing our most beautiful crisp clothes that still smell like that store bag you just took them out of.  This year is however extra special considering the fact that we are all back to celebrating Puja in all its sheen and glamour after two odd years and so everyone will want to bring on their fashion A-game. 

NW18 reached out to the proprietors of some of the most revered fashion brands in Kolkata to know all about the kind of fashion statement that they are going to be making this puja.

Abhisek Roy/ Bohurupi Shantiniketan

The go-to designer for all the celebrities in Tollywood, wearing one of his own creations completely nailing the look of quintessential Bengali.

Abhisekh Roy’s brand Bohurupi Shantiniketan is a brand that focuses on fusing indo-western looks and has been the go-to brand for every actor in the Bengali film industry. Name an actor and you will notice that they have been seen wearing the brand. 

For Roy, “Fashion is all about expressing your personality in the best possible way. If you got a perfect wardrobe then you are the fashion icon.” He further added, “As a brand, Bohurupi Shantiniketan is cultivating a culture of Bengal’s quaint fashion with fusion.”

If Abhisek was given the chance of describing what Durga Puja is all about in one word, he would say “Bangaliana” which is why it is not at all surprising that he loves wearing Dhoti and Panjabi (Kurta) on all four days. 

“We are focusing on sustainable fashion for this puja, and along with that Bohurupi Shantiniketan aims at breaking all the gender binaries in terms of fashion,” says Abhisek. 

Chitrangada Satarupa/ Candy’d Closet

This is a relaxed fit shirt with little puffed sleeves. It’s crafted from a cotton kalamkari saree.

“I am a person of nostalgia and romance, so that reflects in my brand,” says Chitrangada Saturupa who sustainable fashion brand that makes clothes out of hand-me-down sarees. Every single piece of clothing is unique in nature because they are designed in one or maximum of two pieces.

Chitrangada says, “Since the sarees belonged to some women they carry so many memories, and emotions and they find a new life under my brand. This circulation of clothes carrying memories is the essence of my brand.”

Her fashion statement during Puja is all about sarees and most importantly blouses- “I hardly wear anything but sarees during Puja,” says she. 

Chitrangada talks about how fashion plays an integral part in Durga Puja, she says, “Pujo-r jama is the nascent stage of developing one’s fashion sense, at least that was for me I wanted to wear different headbands, clips, socks with my dresses as a child. With time the excitement of sorting out different looks for Puja became a more serious affair.”

Roja Dey/ Fanush By Roja

Roja in an anti-fit blue dress from her own label that absolutely screams comfort.

Even though Roja had started off her journey as a professional actor and model years back, she always wanted to have her very own fashion line which finally took shape during the pandemic and as she puts it was a respite for her during a period of time in life that was mundane and monotonous. 

“Fanush is a reflection of my personal style and aesthetics. I have always received a lot of compliments for taste and sense of fashion, and it’s an absolute joy when I see people showing so much love for Fanush, says Roja.”

Fashion is extremely important in Roja’s life, she confirms, “How we look, how we feel in the clothes we wear becomes an integral part of our persona, and often influences our mood and emotions. If I have to describe my sense of style in short- I like clean, comfortable yet classy designs and I love to play with colours.”

Talking about what she prefers to wear during the festivities, she mentions, “For puja I always keep 2-3 sarees aside. For all the special moments like anjali, sandhya Arati and boron and Bhashan, its a variety of traditional sarees for me, only for the addas, the parties and midnight city tour its something comfortable from Fanush, a dress or a jumpsuit may be, I like to stick to traditional weaves and handlooms. Last but not the least, I always pair my attire with the right shoes and accessories. I prefer wearing one statement piece of jewellery like a choker or a pair of big earrings, and I love to accessorise my hair with fresh flowers, it’s my puja staple.

Sreya Samanta/ Label Sreya Samanta

Sreya looks resplendent in this self-designed chic saree that is perfect for an Ashtami anjali.

Sreya personally loves to reimagine, reinvent and rework Indian textiles to make them even more relatable to today’s context. She is focused on upholding the various traditional crafts of Bengal in a manner that has not been witnessed before.

“We believe our label is not just one of a kind, but the other kind. We celebrate contemporary womanhood. Our aesthetics are not around draping women with perfect silhouettes but with sensitivity and emotion. We prioritize the soul and the personality. Away from the stereotypes that fashion brings along, we at Sreya Samanta intend to give a new meaning to fashion with subtlety and nuance,” says Sreya. 

For Sreya, “Fashion is a state of mind. A spirit, an extension of one’s self” and during Durga Puja she loves to wear anything that brings her joy and makes her feel powerful and beautiful. When asked to spin the beans on her puja look this year, she says, “Technically, Durga pooja lasts for a fortnight, but the major days celebrated are Shashti to Dashami. On these days, the grace of the six yards is absolutely unmissable for any Bengali woman. For me, it’s almost like compensating for the rushed days of the year when our sarees haven’t seen the light of the day.” 

She further added, “As the last of the monsoon clouds drift away leaving joyous blue skies and a nip in the air, pretty sights of ‘Shiuli’ flowers strewn on the ground, a delightful nip in the air in the early morning, long stretches of colourful lighting adorning the streets, all bring on a sense of wonder and elation almost urging oneself to devour in the joyful glory of Devi Durga and put in their best fashion forward.” 

Srotoswini Majumdar/ Store No. 6

Does Srotoswini not look absolutely stunning in this self-curated ensemble?

Store No.6 is the go-to option for anybody who is looking for an option to jazz it up and the best part is that they offer you a plethora of options, whether you want to customise something or just buy a ready-made outfit is completely up to you. 

Srotoswini is of the strong belief that, “There’s nothing greater than confidence that allows you to look fashionable in anything and everything you wish to wear and a good fit can any day bring a change to your outfit, creating that perfect silhouette.”

However, during the festivities, Srotoswini chooses comfort over style and most of the outfits that she chooses to wear are the perfect blend of conventional styling and contemporary craze. 

She says, “I feel for most of us who don’t find the time to get decked up all year round due to work schedules, it’s a great time for them during the puja’s to experiment with their choices and fashion abilities.”

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