Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Fans blast Arnold Schwarzenegger for skipping fitness festival for a second time 

Arnold Schwarzenegger was slammed by his fans for not attending his fitness festival for a straight second year.

Several ticket-holders, who bought tickets worth £336, left fuming over the canceled appearance of the actor on the first day of the event, at which 60,000 people are expected.

Fans slammed  the Commando star who pulled out due to a knee injury from his fitness festival last year.

This year, the actor’s management blamed the event organizers, alleging financial obligations are still not made; the former countered to square responsibility on Arnie’s management for the cancellation.

One fan said: “What an absolute joke. To do this two years running, for an event that is named after him, is absolutely disgusting.”

Another fan wrote: “Arnold has let the fans down here massively.”

While one fan called it “a kick in the teeth.”

A fan of a mother said: “Arnold Schwarzenegger — this is an absolute joke.

“My 13-year-old son trains and wants to compete when he’s older all because of you.

“Second year he’s had tickets to go with his dad to get a slight glimpse of you (as we can’t afford meet and greet) and yet again you let your UK fans down.”

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