Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Hilaria Baldwin has been trying to balance her life after bringing home her seventh child, a baby girl named Ilaria Catalina Irena, with husband Alec Baldwin on September 22.

The fitness enthusiast opened up on dealing with ‘mama guilt’ as she detailed her challenges in an Instagram Story, shared on Monday.

Baldwin, 38, shared that this has been a “process” for her family. “Am I getting it right?” she captioned a mirror selfie, adding, “Def not all the time.”

“Mama guilt?” she asked. “Obviously. Emotions: all over the place.”

The former yoga instructor penned that she wants her other children — Carmen, 9, Rafael, 7, Leonardo, 6, Romeo, 4, Eduardo, 2, and Lucia, 1 — to “feel like they have mama time too” now that Ilaria is home.

The Living Clearly Method author posted the selfie of her with children Eduardo and Lucia and wrote, “Bringing baby home is magical, and it’s always a transition that we all feel.”

She shared, “I am trying to balance new mom again, with breastfeeding, healing, and hustling to make sure all my children feel that I am there to be the best mama I can be.”

While juggling life as a new mom, Hilaria thanked her children for helping her out. “Grateful for these two, who come in to watch their little sister so I can shower,” she wrote in another Sept. 26 IG Story in which, Carmen and Rafael were seen holding baby Ilaria. “Best helpers.” 

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