Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Johnny Depp’s bodyguards transported minors ‘back and forth’?

Johnny Depp has currently come under fire for trying to ferry around minors, open containers and illegal substances around via his bodyguards who have accused the star of ‘overwork’ and lack of rest.

These revelations have been made in a lawsuit by Depp’s bodyguards Arreola and Sanchez, who often found “themselves in situations that required more than what a bodyguard would be expected to do.”

For those unversed, this lawsuit originally reached the courthouse back in 2018 and they alleged overtime and unpaid wages as the major reason for the legal move.

Some even went as far as to brand their workplace ‘toxic,’ and, according to a Twitter user, ‘Plaintiffs were constantly used as drivers, driving back and forth at Depp’s or his family’s beckoning.” 

But would mostly “drive vehicles that contained illegal substances, open containers and minors.”

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