Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

Khloe Kardashian had to go through  “difficult” Tristan Thompson paternity scandal “twice” after The Kardashians season 2 premiere. 

An insider told Hollywood Life that the reality TV star was “forced” to go through all the hurt that her serial cheater ex caused her once again.

“It is so difficult for Khloe to have to relive all of this when the show airs because it is like she has to live through it twice,” the insider said.

“Just when she has moved on from the hurt caused to her by Tristan’s cheating, she is forced to face it again.”

“Khloe has come so far since then and is way past the pain that was caused by this, but she wishes she did not have to see it play out again on the show for millions of fans all over again,” the source added.

The insider further said that Khloe “cannot wait for this all to be behind her so she can focus on the things that matter most to her – her children, family, health, and Good American.”

In the first episode of the hit reality TV show, the Khloe revealed that Tristan’s embryo was implanted in their surrogate just three days before she discovered that he is also having a baby with Maralee Nichols.

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