Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

King Charles escaped embarrassing moment during Queen’s funeral, details inside

King Charles III prepared well to say the last farewell to his beloved mother, late British monarch Queen Elizabeth II in a historic state funeral, held on September 19.

While Her Majesty was laid to rest in Windsor Castle, it has been revealed that the new king made changes to Queen’s funeral procession plans to avoid an embarrassing moment.

Following the Queen’s death, King Charles acceded to the throne and he made sure to make quite an impression on the world during Her Majesty’s funeral.

Despite the Queen’s funeral being planned since the 1960s, King Charles III made eleventh-hour changes to avoid members of the Royal Family stepping over horse muck, a new report has claimed.

According to The Mail on Sunday, King Charles wanted to be ‘seen properly’ by crowds. He altered the initial plans – suggesting that a procession of horses would directly follow the Queen’s coffin after the funeral to Wellington Arch.

It was then indicated that King Charles and his siblings, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew, and Prince Edward would follow the horses on foot.

The plans were immediately changed by the orders of the new monarch with the horses moved back to walk behind the royals.

“In the days before the funeral, Charles felt he wouldn’t be seen properly and that either he ought to be on horseback or, if he was walking, then the horses should move further back,” a source revealed.

“There was also the issue of ‘would the new King end up having to sidestep horse muck?’ which would obviously not be appropriate.”

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