Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

King Charles III’s accession to the throne after Queen Elizabeth II’s death has made him able approve any law.

The new monarch was recently pictured sorting out government papers from an official red box hinting that there are a lot of documents requiring Charles’ signature.

Buckingham Palace has a law, stretching back to the 1700s, that monarch has involved him to have a final say in the legislation and MPs are also required to take his consent before proceeding with the discussion regarding any law that could affect him.

The royal family’s website reads: “It is also a long established convention that The Monarch is asked by Parliament to provide consent (which is different to assent) for the debating of bills which would affect the prerogative or interests of the Crown.

“Where The Monarch’s Consent is given it is signified in each House of Parliament and recorded in Hansard. Consent has not been withheld in modern times, except on the advice of Government.”

According to The Guardian’s previous reports secretive rule was used to vet various laws more than 1000 times during Queen’s reign.

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