Fri. Mar 24th, 2023

Princess Beatrice, the daughter of disgraced Prince Andrew, has reportedly been ‘promoted’ by her uncle, the new monarch King Charles III, despite rumours of tension between her father and Charles.

According to Mirror UK, King Charles, who ascended the British throne after the death of his mother Queen Elizabeth earlier this month, has promoted Beatrice and his own wife, Queen Consort Camilla, to the role of Counsellors of State.

As Counsellor of State, Beatrice is in line to ‘take over’ the head of state role in case of the monarch being unable to carry out his duties.

As per royal tradition, only the ruling monarch’s spouse, and the next four in line to the throne above the age of 21 are regarded as Counsellors of State; other counsellors include Prince William, Prince Harry, and Beatrice’s dad Prince Andrew.

Princess Beatrice got the honour as the first born of Prince Andrew, who is in line to the throne above his older sister Princess Anne, who was skipped from the line of succession due to an archaic male primogeniture rule that was scrapped in 2013. 

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