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We are a fan of Malaika Arora’s food diaries. The actress never fails to devour into a tasty plate of wholesome meal. But her all-time favourite is home-cooked food. Malaika has shared a photograph of her latest indulgence and it looked every bit yum. Wondering what is she eating? It’s the classic inji puli. It is basically a tangy saucy dish, which is made by tempering ginger with spices and cooking it with tamarind extract, as well as some jaggery syrup. It is a popular, traditional dish of Kerala, which is served with rice meal as a pickle and is an integral part of Onam Sadhya. 

In Malaika Arora‘s post, shared on Instagram Stories, we could see inji puli on a plate, along with a generous side of lemon pickle. We could also spot two chutney jars. “Inji Puli and lemon pickle for the win,” Malaika wrote alongside the photo and added two drooling emojis. 

Have a look:

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Want to enjoy the flavours of Inji Puli in the comfort of your home? We have brought you a save-worthy recipe of the same. A lip-smacking delicious companion for your meals, especially rice dishes, you can store Inji Puli for months. So, let’s get started:


Refined oil – 100 ML

Ginger (peeled) – 500 gram (finely chopped)

Chillies – 250 gram (finely chopped)

Tamarind – 150 gram

Jaggery – 400 gram 

Fenugreek seeds – 5 gram 

White sesame seeds – 50 gram 

Salt for taste 

For tempering:

Gingelly oil – 50ml 

Mustard seeds – 5 gram 

Asafoetida – 2 gram 

Curry leaves – 2 

Red chilllies – 3 nos


Step 1: Take 150 ml of warm water and soak the tamarind for 15 minutes. Now, mash and strain.

Step 2: Crush the jaggery in small bits and put it to melt on a low flame, adding a few drops of water. Strain and keep it aside.

Step 3: Heat oil in a pan and add fenugreek seeds. Once they start getting brown, drop in the ginger and saute on a very low flame.

Step 4: Pop in the green chillies and cook for a few minutes.

Step 5: Now, mix the strained jaggery and tamarind extract.

Step 6: Leave the liquid at a low flame for 20 minutes. Make sure you remove the scum that collects on the sides.

Step 7: Once the liquid will get thick and starts to leave oil, it’s time for seasoning.

Step 8: Take a separate pan, heat oil and add all the ingredients. Once tempered, add it to the liquid. You can also toast the sesame seeds and coarsely grind it and add it as well to the liquid. 

Step 9: Turn off the flame. Leave it to cool. And serve. 

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