Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Netflix series The Sandman is returning with brand new episodes and new characters.

Netflix isn’t calling the renewal a new season ( season 2) but “more episodes” based on “multiple volumes” of the comics.

According to What’s on Netflix, casting is underway for the four new characters based on the comics, the characters are, Delirium, Destiny, Wanda, and Destruction.

Delirium is “the youngest of the Endless — the family of anthropomorphic personifications of seven natural forces.” She is described as “childish, silly, and immature, although very occasionally speaks with rationality.”

Destruction is “fourth eldest” and lives a life of seclusion. Destiny is the eldest “all-knowing” sibling.

Niel Goodman has already revealed that Wanda will feature in the new episodes. She is “a straight-talking, no-fuss driver and security agent for a travel firm.”

The Sandman will begin filming on June 2023, and it will go through October 2023. Filming will return from January 2024 to April 2024.

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