Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Netflix’s Stranger Things: Vecna gets the giggles in newly released blooper reel

Netflix’s  Stranger Things gag reel was released during its TUDUM showcase event, and fans are in fits.

Given the show’s darker elements, the gag reel gives a glimpse into the behind-the-scenes action which is quite in contrast to the show’s theme.

 From messing up lines and cracking jokes, the reel shares the on-set chemistry of the show’s cast.

Among the laughs in the new behind-the-scenes footage, there were giggles from Millie Bobby Brown, David Harbour and Winona Ryder winking at the camera during their Jopper kiss, Steddie tripping over vines in the Upside Down, and even a hilarious montage between Maya Hawke and Joe Keery. 

However, a fan favourite from the reel was Jamie Campbell Bower cracking up in his Vecna suit.

The show clearly goes all out on the VFX, so it’s always jarring and exciting to be reminded that the team created the monster largely from practical effects including costuming and prosthetics. 

Fans have previously seen behind-the-scenes footage of Bower getting his SFX makeup in its full glory. And there were also images of Bower’s Vecna casually sipping on iced coffee, which went viral on the internet.

Similarly, in the gag reel, fans loved the moment when Bower breaks character standing over Nancy actor Natalia Dyer and his Vecna scowl turns into a surprising laugh.

Here’s how the fans reacted:

“Hearing Jamie’s regular voice and laugh in the Vecna costume has got to be the strangest thing,” one reacted. 

“[I don’t know] why but Vecna laughing in Nancy’s face was freaking hilarious,” commented another fan.

“Seeing Jamie laugh as Vecna is so funny,” echoed another. “Rare to see vecna laughing,” a fourth later chimed in. 

Watch the blooper reel here:

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