Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Experts believe King Charles finally employed his ‘secret inheritance’ from Queen Elizabeth to handle Prince Harry and Meghan Markle effectively.

These claims have been brought to light by presenter and host Mark Dolan.

His admissions and shocking accusations were shared with GB News.

He believes King Charles’ sanctions on Prince Andrew and Prince Harry prove he’s hitting the ground running.

“First by taking his troublesome brother, Andrew, into hand. Reportedly slashing his annual salary of a quarter of a million big ones and therefore, effectively turfing him out of his £30 million Royal Lodge in Windsor.”

“And he’s turfed Harry and Meghan – the Ginger Whinger and Woko Moano – out of Frogmore cottage, which had me leaping for joy.”

“Charles has handled this pair of privacy obsessed, attention seekers perfectly. His ultimate weapon? Silence.”

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