Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s two oldest children George and Charlotte attended the funeral alongside the rest of the family, whilst leaving their brother Prince Louis, four, at home.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ kids have become a celebrity as they attract massive attentions and applause with their gestures during public engagements.

George and Charlotte displayed ’emotional maturity’ at the sombre event, giving birth to many questions.

Prince William and Kates children give birth to questions with their gestures at Queens funeral

Reacting to their sober gesture, one GMB guest felt they were too young to comprehend the scale of what was happening.

Broadcaster Ateh Jewel and grief counsellor and author Dipti Tait joined Good Morning Britain presenters Susanna Reid and Ben Shephard to discuss their attendance.

“I quite enjoyed seeing the two of them chatting, taking in the scenario, being there, being part of it, clearly being told in detail what is happening and what is going on, why do you consider that’s a problem for children under 10?”

Dipti explained: “So it’s not necessarily the age that I have a problem with but it is more about the emotional maturity of children. So in my opinion, I think it is really important that parents and guardians of children are mindful of their specific children and whether or not, it’s up to them to make that call.”

“Obviously in the case of George and Charlotte, they are used to public affairs, that’s their life, they don’t really know anything different so if we are comparing their lifestyle to non-royal children, that’s what we have got to be mindful of.”

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