Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Princess Charlotte, Prince George weren’t directed to ‘remain silent’ at funeral

Princess Charlotte and Prince George attending Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral gave us a “future glimpse” into the monarchy, said an expert.

The Prince and Princess of Wales’ two kids attended the sombre ceremony on September 19 however it was criticised by netizens.

“Funerals are no place for children at any level, let alone one that’s being broadcast across the world,” wrote one user on Twitter.

Addressing the criticism, body language expert Inbaal Honigman told Daily Star: “The young royals’ mature behaviour at the funeral shows that they understood the occasion, and were prepared for the long day.”

“The fact that their physical responses were natural, not stiff, shows that they weren’t just told to be on their best behaviour, but were actually allowed to feel what they needed to feel.

“That they spoke to each other throughout the day, shows that they weren’t directed to remain silent, and their personalities are taken into account within their family dynamics,” Inbaal explained.

“This suggests that their relationship with their parents is warm and loving, and they feel safe and loved.

“As they grow, this upbringing will allow them to develop naturally, each at their own pace, and become grown-ups who show love to others and share their feelings with others,” the expert added.

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