Wed. Mar 22nd, 2023

The untimely death of industrialist Cyrus Misry in a car crash left the world stunned, with few voices raised against the built quality of Mercedes-Benz car in which is was travelling. The German automaker and largest luxury car retailer in India called a team of experts from Hong Kong to ascertain the cause of the accident. However, the preliminary investigation by the local police found that he was not wearing a seat belt while sitting in the rear seat of the SUV, and that might have resulted in the death of Mistry. Both the occupants in the front survived the crash.

Now a new video has surfaced online that has become viral and again relates to the build quality of Mercedes-Benz cars. As seen in a recent video, a Mercedes-Benz sedan was involved in a car crash, near Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh. Contrary to the previous incident, this time around, netizens are hailing the safety of the black-coloured Mercedes sedan. 

While the Mercedes-Benz in the video can be seen visibly in a better shape, a tractor involved in the crash got split in half. This further accentuated the build quality of the German brand’s cars. The tractor belongs to the Massey Ferguson company. 

However, like every crash involving cars, we must not jump to any conclusions. In case of a car crash, multiple factors combine together to create a one-off scenario and it’s easier to blame any automaker for an untoward outcome. 

Be it the case of Cyrus Mistry, or Massey Ferguson tractor, one accident can’t determine the build quality of the vehicle, however, such incidents do act as a reminder to adhere road safety rules. 

Needless to say, always wear a seat belt, be it on the front seat or the back; drive slowly and within prescribed speed norms; and follow all traffic rules. 

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