Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

The internet is full of various types of content, catering to all our needs. It provides knowledge, keeps us entertained and even imbibes positivity with good news from across the world. Then there are viral videos that take social media by storm. We recently came across one such video that has gone viral on the internet. It features a group of students busy in an ‘indulgent’ team-building activity. Wonder what were they doing? They were making bhelpuri together. You heard us.

A video, uploaded from Instagram handle rjf.nagriksattamumbai, features students of the second standard (of Lalji Trikamji MPS English Medium School) putting bhel puri ingredients one by one in a bowl. One gave puffed rice, other added roasted chana. One person added tomatoes, while another kid squeezed some lemon juice. At the end, a kid came and sprinkled some salt, the very popular Salt Bae-style. “Wow this bhel looks so tasty. Bhel making activity was done for std 2nd,” read the caption.

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Looks so cute; isn’t it? The video went viral in no time and garnered over 10 million views now. The video, especially the Salt Bae mimicry also garnered thousands of comments. “He did the Salt Meme,” wrote a person. Another person commented, “Cute salt bae.” A third comment read, “So proud.”

“Salt vala mast tha (the salt part was the best),” wrote a person. “The salt bae baby,” a comment further read.

How did you find the video and the team-building activity? Do let us know in the comments below.

Meanwhile, we bring a classic recipe of how to make street-style bhel puri at home. Click here for the recipe.

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