Thu. Mar 23rd, 2023

With the festivities around, all of us are aware of the fact that our cravings might just be getting the better side of us- but have we ever told you about how normal it is to fall prey to your cravings? The key is, however, to always eat in moderation. 

Plus what is of significant knowledge is that our bodies demand only as much as they can take and it is the same in terms of one’s appetite too. Hunger pangs and appetite increase are signals from the body to let you know that your energy levels are dropping because your body is missing certain essential nutrients. 

Let nobody lead you into believing that you should not pay heed to your hunger needs but at the same time, it is a matter of concern if you are constantly hungry even after you have just had a perfect size meal because that could prove to be supremely unhealthy for you. 

Getting your appetite to function the way you would want it to can be a tedious and complicated task because a lot of internal as well as external factors are at play but do not be disheartened because it is not something entirely unachievable. 

Miten Kakaiya, Fitness Coach and founder of Miten Says Fitness, confirms that one of the ways in which you can reduce your appetite is by, “Re-sensitising your leptin and ghrelin hormones which control your appetite and this can be easily achieved by taking diet breaks from time to time.”

He further adds, “Eating mindfully is required, which means having a designated eating zone, away from any distractions like work, bed or television. Use your senses to savour every flavour, feel the texture and focus on the aromas of the meal.”

A mental health expert who did not want to be named shared that depression, stress and anxiety can play a major role when it comes to your appetite, a lot of people start overeating if they are going through any of the aforementioned situations therefore it is pivotal that mental health issues are given importance because they tend to affects us in ways more that one. 

Taking up a high-protein diet can always prove to be fruitful because it will not only decrease your hunger hormones but will also make you believe that you are constantly full and won’t push you into eating anything else. 

“Chewing well will break your food down into easy-to-digest particles which in turn will improve the absorption of nutrients and aid digestion, and chewing food for longer can also give your body enough time to realise that you are eating- this increases your satiety after every meal,” mentions Miten. 

Having mentioned a few tips and tricks it must be remembered at all times that feeling hungry is quite normal and one should not have to beat themselves up for feeling that way, but anything extreme can be dangerous and these might just come in handy then. 

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