Fri. Mar 31st, 2023

Fusion food experimentation has gotten a little too out of hand lately! People have been having bizarre ideas and bringing them to life. From people adding Mirinda, green chillies, and egg to gol gappe, to street vendors creating Maggi ice cream roll, chocolate paan ice cream, momos ice cream roll and dhokla ice cream – some of the strangest dishes have been combined for the sake of fusion food. We have found another fusion street food that will surely confuse you – it is called chocolate raj kachori!

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This raj kachori is a unique blend of traditional ingredients with a twist. The fried kachori is opened and stuffed with boiled potatoes, namkeen, fried cashew nuts and boondi. Then the sweet curd is whisked with chocolate sauce and poured all over the stuffed kachori. Rather than topping the curd with green and red chutney, it is topped with more chocolate sauce. Take a look:

It turns out, chocolate raj kachori is quite the delicacy in Bangladesh. Many vendors across Dhaka seem to be selling this fusion chaat, each with a unique style of preparing it. Some people don’t add the chocolate sauce to the yoghurt and just pour it over the ready kachori, while others serve the chocolate raj kachori with chocolate chips and sprinkles.

This video was uploaded by @thegreatindianfoodie and it has 55.1k views along with 1.6 k likes. People on the internet were amazed to see this fusion street food. Here is what they had to say about this chocolate raj kachori:

“A big fail, please stop all this”

“Dahi me chocolate” (chocolate in yoghurt)

“Where’s the dislike button”

“Bhai tum kyu dalta hai ye sab.. kya mil jata hai tumko” (Bro why do you put this all… what do you get from all of this)

“Don’t waste food just remember every time you waste food some are starving and dying because of lack of food!!”

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