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Bollywood star Shah Rukh Khan is interviewed by Reuters before the world premiere of “Chak De India” at Somerset House in London August 9, 2007. — Reuters

A doctored video of Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan has gone viral, especially in India, where he is heard saying he is a “proud Pakistani”. In the edited video, Khan is speaking of religion and the minority community.

The viral video was made by trimming different parts of an interview conducted by Zoom in 2010 and joining them together. 

In the 14-second-long viral video clip, Shah Rukh is heard saying, “I’m Islamic by birth and I believe in Allah and his sayings and I’m very proud to be a Muslim, I’m very proud to be of this religion, I’m proud to be Pakistani.”

The clip was published on Twitter with the caption: “#ShahRukhKhan says, I am proud to be Muslim & Pakistani!!” 

What actually happened

Khan was talking to entertainment journalist Omar Qureshi. In the actual version, Qureshi asked Khan if he faced any discrimination being a Muslim in India.

Responding to the question, Khan said he felt special being a Muslim. He said he had also read Hindu religious texts because of his Hindu wife, Gauri Khan.

Khan adds: “I am very proud to be a Muslim. I am very proud to be of this religion. I am very proud to be an Indian.”

In the morphed video, the editor added “Pakistani” instead of “Indian” to make false accusations against the actor.

The word “Pakistani” seems to be extracted from the same interview when Khan was asked about a 2009 incident at Newark airport in the USA when he was detained and interrogated for hours.

He can be heard saying: “The people at immigration were Indians and Pakistanis who knew me.”

Khan has shown time and again that he is proud to be an Indian. He has taken roles in movies depicting him as a patriot like Chakk de India and Swades.

Recently, on India’s independence day he uploaded a video of the Indian flag being raised at his home.

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