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Among other common issues during pregnancy, heartburn is one of them. This situation happens because of an infant’s growing pressure on the stomach and some hormonal changes. Pregnant women suffer from such issues in their second or third trimesters.

Heartburns are also called acid indigestion whereby the food pipe experiences some burning sensation. This article will help you understand what the experts suggest to deal with heartburn sensations. So let’s get started.

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Try to eat throughout the day with small meals. Add nutritious vegetables and fruits to your diet. Exerts suggest, instead of three meals a day, opt for five or six meals in a day and smaller quantities.

Bolting down or chewing too fast won’t help. Instead, it will leave you in indigestion and heartburn. Reduce the speed with which you eat food. Avoid over-eating.

Instead of having a separate time for drinks or beverages or milk, try to add them between the meals. Don’t lie or sit down immediately after consuming food. Go for leisurely work, do some little work.

Don’t eat anything right before going to bed. Experts say before going to bed, try not to eat food for at least three hours. This includes any liquid as well.

When you sleep, try to keep your head and chest a bit elevated. This will slant your upper body and acid won’t reach up to your food pipe.

Sometimes, fats, caffeine, chocolate, and citrus cause heartburn. Notice the food after which you experience heartburn and then avoid it.

You can use ginger to soothe the acid indigestion. Ginger controls vomiting, nausea, and heartburn as well.

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