Tue. Mar 21st, 2023

Pakistani celebrities received immense backlash for travelling to Canada for an award show while Hollywood superstar Angelina Jolie visited flood-affected regions in the country. Organisers of the award show ended up issuing a statement to reveal they were using their platform to raise funds for flood affectees. Actors who travelled to Canada for the same also responded to the flak with the good news.

But it appears the hullabaloo has not died down. And Yasir Hussain is having to explain to his critics how celebrities like himself were only doing their job at the award show, like all sportsmen or politicians who go abroad from time to time to do theirs. On that note, he took a dig at the latter and also threw major shade at fellow fraternity members who chose to stay back in ‘solidarity’ with flood victims.

“If our politicians can sit in New York and sip on coffee without any purpose whatsoever, why can’t I, a citizen, be in Canada for my work to earn money through which I can pay my electricity bills?” he asked in his Insta Stories.

Hussain went on to allege that celebrities who did not end up going, simply refused to go because they weren’t offered to fly first class. “And by the way, the actors spewing nonsense about not attending it weren’t given business class tickets. I’ve read the chat, son.”

In a previous altercation with a Twitter troll, Hussain compared his profession’s needs to that of any other profession’s. When a user argued, “You lecture others so much and yet, this time you went to Canada yourself. Don’t be a hypocrite,” Hussain replied, “I am here for my work just like I’m sure, you go somewhere for yours. Just like the cricket team goes for theirs. Just like the ticket taker goes to the cinema for his. So now, just like everyone minding their own business, you need to mind yours.”

Actor Aijaz Aslam had a similar observation to share. “We all saw cricket happening in Karachi with packed stadium. I don’t understand why so much controversy on Hum Awards and celebrities going there, cricket also raised some funds for flood relief and there was a fundraiser pre awards and portion of gate money will also be donated.”

In another tweet, he urged, “Everyone is doing their part and doing their business but why is there so much hypocrisy. I saw the same people at cricket stadium who were criticizing the awards, please do your part, donate generously and do good for your soul.”

Mere days ago, actor Azfar Rahman had announced he withdrew from the much-talked-about award show in Toronto in solidarity with the flood victims. Taking to social media, the actor shared a post revealing that he had requested for his ticket and stay money to be donated to the flood victims.

His decision was welcomed by several of his peers. Ayesha Omar, Nadia Afgan, Sadaf Kanwal and Mehwish Hayat among others lauded the actor for his stance on the matter.

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